What are 7 website design elements that companies use to produce a customer experience?

A visitor to schoolpop, com, an online retailer of school supplies, will notice that it contains little text, sound and video. Mixture of appeals- communications and advertisements address logic versus irrationality, Cognitive realistic emotional non-functional, makes you feel otherwise, remember other things cognitive-promotion of the main page, gift suggestion or emotional stories: emotional ties, novelty,. The crucial component of a good website is to provide relevant content that your target audience finds useful and informative. The content of your website should clearly communicate your value proposition.

Avoid lint and make sure your content concisely communicates who you are and what you do. Your website is your main seller, and while design aesthetics are important, a consistent message that goes from prospecting to closing the sale is a fundamental component of all marketing material, including the website. There are seven design elements, the 7 C's, that need to be considered when creating a website intended for commerce and sales. Create an explanation of your website that includes all the design elements that drive the customer experience.

Only by engaging users who are going to use a product or system on a regular basis will designers be able to adapt and maximize usability appropriately. Interaction design attempts to improve the usability and experience of the product, first by researching and understanding the needs of certain users and then designing to meet and exceed them. As new technologies are often too complex for their target audience, interaction design aims to minimize the learning curve and increase the accuracy and efficiency of a task without diminishing its usefulness. Customers can easily shop from anywhere they have an internet connection; this gives businesses an even greater imperative to create a website that drives traffic to their website, attracts their target markets, and creates a lasting experience that generates repeat customers.

Ensuring that your website design accurately represents your company and brand is absolutely critical to maintaining a fluid cohesion between what the customer sees, what they expect, and what your company actually offers. Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for students, teachers and marketing professionals. Web design needs to use these numbers as a guide, presenting key information as quickly as possible.

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